Residential Gates UK

Residential Gates came to us with a outdated site and a UX journey that just didn't work or make sense for there customer base. On top of that the behind the scenes operations was a mess due to the lack of automation and functionality put in place by the old systems.

On The Road came in and redesigned the whole business, scrapped the old design and redone the customer journey experience, by doing this we have increased Conversion rates by 40% and also by improving automations and the operations we have saved actual time in the office by halving the amount business operations has to do.

From small beginnings, Residential Gates has the most up to date and modern tech in there site to make it work better for them and the customer!


  • Automated business flows.

  • Wholesale pricing and listing.

  • Bundling of products.


  • Google API's.

  • Minified JS.

  • Tailwind CSS.

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