Cathcart suit builder

Cathcart wanted to expand and improve there product range by offering a 'Suit builder' on there Shopify site, this would help improve customer experience and in return conversion as it would solve pain points for customers, like not correct fit, tailored fits online, customise the fabric and style of the Jacket and Trouser. As well we could increase Average Order Value by including upsells and cross sells in the Suit customiser.

Cathcart suit builder

Increase your sales and average order value through custom features through our powerful development tools like VueJs. Combining our development tools with a well thought out UI/UX journey for the customer as well.


  • UI / UX design

  • Custom app development

  • API integrations


  • Vue.Js

  • Tailwind CSS

  • Custom upsell and cross sells


Suit builder 1
Suit builder 2
Suit builder 3