About Us

We design and develop the next level of e-commerce sites!

On The Road, Shopify Agency, is a young agency, based in the Midlands we're in the heart of England as well as the E-commerce world! Even though we're a young agency we're constantly evolving as a brand and company.

We believe this is crucial as it doesn't just make us relevant BUT ensures we keep inline with the fatest moving market - Online Shopping!

How do we fit in?

In a crowded industry, we place ourselves in our own little niche. With years and years of previous experience in Shopify, we want to be, the Shopify agency that helps retail outlets build powerful consumer expriences, with data driven design and a development team to make the customer exprience simple and easy!

We're as much about people as we are e-commerce

E-commerce, I believe, is actually ran on the energy of people. As funny as that seems we have ran our agency on this theory and our relationship with our clients, and it hasn't failed us so far. So please just say Hi, and let us know how your e-commerce business is getting on.