First of all, let me thank Shopify. We are proud to announce we are a Shopify partner; we have been for over 3 years now and they have never let us down and is why we remain with them as they help us help our clients. For example, this is just the least they do, we are able to build client stores on a free dev store for as long as we and the client need – neither the client or we get charged for this… we are also allowed to use app extensions on the clients store on a trial basis so we ensure it works for the site and the clients need!


BOLD COMMERCE must be one of the first partnerships we have made, an amazing e-commerce business who are always one step ahead with their unique solutions with industry-leading innovations, effective sales boosting solutions, and world-class customer service. BOLD commerce provides solutions too strategic upselling/ targeted promotions and discounts/ subscription payment methods and social autopilot that posts updates to your social media from your shop! The list keeps going as well! Furthermore notice, notice that these aren’t just providing a solution but there providing value for money, they use data to target and help you increase a bigger ROI!



Yotpo develops content marketing, referrals, and loyalty programs, which in return helps brands accelerate growth by enabling advocacy and maximizing customer lifetime value. One of the most reliable brands and best customer service they provide to agencies as well as clients; which is perfect as they help to provide extensions on too your store that help improve your CX on E-commerce store. For what they provide, let me say this, they offer the best value for money. With smart visual marketing, AI driven reviews and ratings and an extensive loyalty program scheme.

Yotpo’s partnerships with Google, Facebook, & Instagram. Display UGC in social, paid, and organic search results, and build high-converting ads instantly.


Octane AI

Octane AI develop conversational commerce and personalized communication between merchants and their customers improves the shopping experience.

This company is making new movements in the e-commerce industry and should not be overlooked. This company is using old techniques like email marketing and then really developing these traditional methods and applying them to new ways, like social media and Facebook Messenger! They then don’t stop and develop on it, for instance, now once a follower comments on your Facebook post you can send a customised automated personal message to upsell your product. You then can have direct contact with a potential customer via Facebook Messenger.


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