Constantly changing world

In a constantly changing world, it's hard to keep up, no worries, we shouldn't always worry about things that are out of our control BUT It's key to identify important changes, as well as identify the heightened importance of E-commerce. And I cannot stress the importance of getting online if not and here is why:

- Google expands its game in e-commerce, with new features and guidelines to how they filter the shopping section in advance of COVID-19; if Google have heightened their actions on e-commerce, I think we all should:

- Tik Tok, the new face on the block, well in Social Media and got there the cool kids on the block at this moment with majority of content being spread is from there; this popular platform releases more features to help expand their e-commerce site:

- Instagram has announced they will be realising payment feature right within the Instagram app, making itself a complete e-commerce platform almost, increasing the importance of Omni-sale channels for all store merchants

- It has been reported that Primark has dropped from £650 million in sales to big fat ZERO

Primark sales fall from £650 million to Zero



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